Does Rogaine Really Work on “Hereditary” Hair Loss?


Does Rogaine work? The short answer is yes. Rogaine has shown some successful results when it comes to fighting what’s known as hereditary hair loss? The long answer is that so called, hereditary hair loss is best treated with natural methods that solve the problem instead of just treating the symptoms.



The Problem with Rogaine

Hereditary hair loss is not all that it seems to be.  Sure there are genes that make some people more likely to lose their hair than others, but it is wrong to overlook the role that the environment and our habits play when it comes to hair loss.  The reality is that with or without the hair loss gene, there are things you can do right now to reverse your hair loss. Rogaine and other chemicals may be effective against hair loss symptoms, but there are natural remedies that can get to the heart of the problem and stop hair loss in it’s tracks.





Rogaine and Hair Restoration

Rogaine is a popular foam product that treats hair loss through revitalization of hair follicles. The product is supposed stop and reverse shrinking of hair follicles that can result from hereditary hair loss after application on the affected areas of the body. A two-decade history and continued popularity of Rogaine suggests that it is one of the most popular hair loss products that treat symptoms. However, a pertinent question remains in the minds of those pondering commencing the use of the product: does Rogaine work when it comes to actually addressing the problem? The answer, unfortunately, is no.


How Rogaine differs from other Hair Loss Treatments

Rogaine differs from competing products such as Propecia in a number of ways. Firstly, Rogaine does not require a prescription, which makes it much easier to buy. Additionally, while Rogaine can be used by both men and women, some hair loss treatment products such as Propecia are only used by men. Finally, Rogaine has lower chances of causing side effects as it is applied locally, while some hair treatment products are known to alter the user’s hormonal balance among other significant effects.


Benefits of using Rogaine 

The most prominent benefit is the product’s ability to treat genetic male baldness, which plagues millions of men. Additionally, Rogaine has been in use for over two decades, and has been tested in numerous controlled studies. Many uses confirm that Rogaine has worked well for them by enabling them to regrow hair on their bald spots and stop further hair loss. When it comes to addressing the symptoms, Rogaine has had some success. However, Rogaine does not address the issues that cause hair loss.



Also important is the fact that Rogaine is an FDA approved product, which means it is formally recognized as safe treatment. Also worth noting is the fact that Rogaine is a topical product, which means that its overall negative effects on the whole body are reduced, as they are somewhat limited to the area on which it is applied.

Does Rogaine really work to prevent hair loss?


Negative Aspects Related to use of Rogaine

Despite the benefit of hair regrowth, Rogaine has some drawbacks that the user should consider. For instance, Rogaine utilizes the non-hormonal pathway to reverse hair loss; therefore the product cannot treat hair loss that is caused by hormonal factors in the body. Consequently, use of an additional product, one that can address hair loss due to hormonal issues, is necessary for more complete hair regrowth. It is easy to load your body up with chemicals in an attempt to reverse hair loss.


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Additionally, in the initial stages when one is using the product, the user loses hair before regrowth sets in. Furthermore, positive results from using the product are not apparent until after a month of consistent use. Also, maintaining the regrown hair requires continued use of the product, since a discontinuation in application can result in reversion of the positive results realized.

Many users of Rogaine complain that no cosmetically noticeable effects are evident with regard to hair regrowth. The claim is also backed by some dermatologists who claim that the product is better in stemming hair loss than regrowing it, at least for a majority of the users.



Without doubt, Rogaine is an effective hair loss treatment. Benefits from using the product include ability to address hereditary hair loss and the capacity to treat hair loss in both men and women, unlike some competing products. On the flipside, Rogaine cannot treat hormone-based hair loss and it only really addresses symptoms; this means that other hair loss products may be necessary.

Broadly, Rogaine is an effective hair loss treatment for most users, principally as a means to slow and sometimes stop hair loss but also as a treatment to regrow thinning hair. This makes Rogaine a worthy purchase for people dealing with hair loss who are looking for a quick fix. Unfortunately, Rogaine does nothing to treat the underlying problems which are better addressed with more natural remedies and minor lifestyle changes.

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